Individual Post #1

Individual Post #1

Presently, technology is aiding teachers to improve their teaching beyond old-style text-based learning as well as involve students with practical techniques of learning. Following, Regan and Jesse (2019), I do consider the best technology is the edtech that includes custom learning experiences, 3D printing, speech-to-text options, virtual and augmented learning experiences, cloud computing, as well as learning analytics. These methods have transformed the general traditional method to education as technology has offered teachers and students with an innovative and improved means of interrelating in the course of the learning.

The significance of advanced education to pick up thriving and to create human resources has been acknowledged by less developed nations. Understudies in advanced education require a truly adaptable condition to impart and work together with their companions to achieve tasks necessary to succeed. It is through these remote and technologically mediated learning environments that many students will graduate or finish their colleges and participate in community development programs effectively. As explained by Stommel (2018), it is the tools used in learning that will increase the number of graduates and professionals to develop the community.

Educators should implement policy and plan connected to computer security in education systems to avoid data theft, unlawful access to leaner networks and systems as well as to place cameras in lecture rooms to recognize thieves. Also, set strong passwords so that anyone can log into computers before they may uses. Create it challenging for strangers to access the education machines and student’s devices as well as computers when they are lost or stolen by safeguarding them with strong passwords and by allowing remote wipe on the general computers. Moreover, the educators may install as well as put firewalls to detect any intruder in the education system. In this way it will prevent all issues.


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